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is a Tier One Texas-based law firm representing property owners, project owners, boards, and executives responsible for commercial, residential, industrial, or state buildings in claims litigation and lawsuits against general contractors, design professionals and insurance companies. 

Our lawyers also help businesses and property owners in high-stakes litigation against banks, other lenders and servicers, and in a variety of cases where small to mid-size companies need a powerful legal team to level the playing field in battles against corporate behemoths.​

Gravely has refined a strategic proprietary pre-suit resolution process as well as a litigation methodology focused on best results in both negotiations and litigation. We respond quickly to your situation, investigate meticulously to package the facts supporting your claim, demand and expect prompt full compensation from your responsible parties, and if delayed or denied, we respond aggressively and effectively.​

Facing a high-stakes insurance coverage dispute or costly problem from careless or defective construction? Gravely attorneys can help and we work on a commercial contingency basis.​

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Texas Construction Defect Lawyers

Is shoddy construction or are defective systems causing expensive problems?

No budget to repair or hire lawyers to go toe to toe with the general contractor?

Gravely construction defect lawyers can help – and we do so on ​a contingency basis.

Texas construction law provides a 10 year time frame for building owners to make defect claims with general contractors and design professionals for defective materials or systems, negligent or shoddy construction, or flawed site work.

In typical cases we see construction problems in these areas:​

  • Roofing Systems​
  • Window Systems
  • Wall Systems​
  • Grading & Drainage
  • HVAC and Other Systems​

While some general contractors make good on their legal promises, in our experience when things go wrong, too many “GCs” try to avoid their legitimate liability. They use stall tactics, one-sided and self-interested “investigations”, wrongful claim denials, even legal bullying, and other methods intended to force legitimate claimants with valid construction defect claims to give up and go away.​

We also serve private sector properties including:​

  • Retirement communities​: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning imbalances, improperly sealed balconies, and poorly flashed windows plague retirement communities, contributing to increased heating and cooling costs and excess moisture that can shorten the life of your building. We help retirement community owners recoup costs to deal with these issues and hold general contractors accountable.
  • HOA’s (Home Owner Associations)​: It’s all too common for newly built planned communities to suffer from improperly installed roofing, window, drainage, and heating and cooling systems. These building problems can force members of the community to pay much more in maintenance and repair costs than anticipated. If your HOA is dealing with the aftereffects of shoddy construction, let Gravely attorneys help you find legal recourse.
  • Condominium boards​: Because of the massive demand for new condo construction, many general contractors cut corners to get the job done and move on to the next project. Our lawyers help condo board members recover money lost due to poor-quality work that causes leaks, drafts and imbalanced HVAC systems, while ensuring that all condo by-laws are followed.
  • Hospitals and medical buildings​: With numerous specialized systems and structures, it’s especially important that medical buildings are built correctly. Our lawyers help hospitals and medical offices recover compensation for faulty construction, allowing owners and administrators to get back to caring for patients instead of worrying about failing roofs, windows, and HVAC systems.
  • Apartments​: Poorly built apartment buildings cause a host of problems for owners, such as drafty windows, leaky roofs, and water pooling on balconies or around the foundation. These issues can lead to unhappy residents and bloated maintenance and energy costs. Gravely helps apartment owners determine the root cause of their increasing costs and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Gravely Texas clients include people responsible for private sector properties:​

  • Texas independent school districts​
  • Charter schools​
  • Universities​
  • Municipal buildings​
  • State and county projects​
  • Transit authorities​
  • Public hospitals​
  • County jails
  • Other government facilities​

As commercial contingency lawyers, at our expense our construction experts perform an on-site physical audit to identify the complete measure of damage and the specific defective work and/or system. What went wrong and when? How did it go wrong? Are there any related damages to other parts of your facility? ​

We answer these and 50 other questions to prepare the strongest possible claim from the outset. ​

Our experience, expert findings, and legal expertise can lead to a relatively quick resolution for full compensation; however our experience as Texas trial lawyers either further motivates a settlement or allows us to fast track your case to a courtroom; again, on a contingency basis. You pay nothing if we do not win.​

Big Problems on a Major Construction Defect Claim?
Gravely Lawyers and Construction Experts Can Help. Learn Your Options.

Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith Lawyers

Facing a hotly-contested property insurance claim?

Delays, denials, bad faith?​

Gravely lawyers hold insurers fully accountable in complex ​insurance disputes.

Gravely is among a small group of Tier One property insurance law firms focused exclusively on protecting and enforcing the rights of policyholders. Our legal team battles relentlessly past the barriers, bluffs, and bluster of insurance giants intent on avoiding full and prompt payment for legitimate claims of property owners.

We resolve and litigate wrongly disputed, delayed, or denied property damage coverage claims and other insurance coverage clashes, typically related to losses by:​

  • Hurricanes​
  • Floods​
  • Fires​
  • Wind​
  • Hail ​
  • Tornadoes​
  • Chemical Explosions and Spills​
  • Wrongful or Negligent Conduct​

In most cases we offer a contingency fee option for clients who prefer to focus their resources on their operations rather than legal fees.​

We are proud of our reputation for straightforward and practical legal advice for policyholders who find themselves in substantial conflict with large insurance companies. You want to know your risks and your options – Gravely attorneys have the experience to provide real, common sense answers. We also have the legal talent and financial resources to back up our demands in the courtroom against insurers of any size.​

Big Problems on a Major Property Loss Claim? Learn your Legal Options.

Business Contingency Litigation Lawyers

Is your Dallas, San Antonio, Houston or other Texas company facing a complex and costly legal battle?

Our experienced business litigators can help – and we can often do so on a contingency fee basis.

The Gravely Texas-based legal team includes attorneys focused on business litigation for small and mid-sized companies harmed by the negligence or misconduct of competitors, financial service firms (including banks, mortgage companies, servicers and others), real estate developers, oil and gas industry businesses, or any other firm where there is a high-conflict high-stakes dispute and your rights are at stake.

Here’s What You Can Expect from Gravely Texas Lawyers​

Meticulous Advance Preparation – In our experience commercial disputes settle much faster if one party fully prepares their case as if they were going to trial. We do this from day one; our experts gather and quantify all information – our lawyers use this powerfully packaged evidence in settlement negotiations or at trial. It’s more work, it’s the right way to do it, and it’s what we do – for every client.​

Construction Experience – Gravely construction defect lawyers have decades of legal expertise and litigation experience in successful resolution of construction claims. In every case, we retain a team of highly experienced construction experts – schools, commercial buildings, municipal projects of every sort…windows, grading, HVAC…whatever the construction type, element, or system, to work with us from day one. We know the law and construction as well as GCs’ reputations and how they do business – valuable experience in assessing and prosecuting your claim or lawsuit.​

Insurance Experience – Just as insurance policies run the gamut from Gulf-front communities’ hurricane coverage to multi-tiered commercial policies for office buildings and everywhere in between, so too do the legal rules and realities involved in taking on an insurer bent on bad faith conduct. Gravely lawyers know the law, insurers’ tactics, and can also assess the physical structural and financial damages that should be included in a claim for full compensation. We are experienced, aggressive, and street wise in insurance coverage and bad faith cases.​

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